Every car insurance policy will be subject to short term rates in the first year of insurance. This is a penalty imposed by the insurer if you cancel before the 12 months of cover are up. A typical example would be as follows: Period of cover – % of premium that will be refunded Up to 7 days –         85% Up to 14 days –       80% Up to 1 month –      75% Up to 2 months

Use an insurance broker or go direct?

Posted by James Martin on  April 9, 2015
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What is the best option, going to a broker or going direct to an insurance company? There are a number of benefits to either option: Benefits to going direct are: 1. You may get a better price than through a broker. 2. You cut out the middle man. Benefits to going to a broker are: 1. A broker is independent and will give you independent advice. 2. A broker is impartial. 3. A broker is
It is vital to insure your home, due to its value, and as we cannot plan for the unexpected, home insurance is a must. The ‘rebuild cost’ of a home can typically range from €80,000 to €500,000+, depending on our financial positions. Along with buildings cover, it is important to have cover in place for contents. The ‘sum insured’ is the maximum amount the policy will pay out if the buildings or contents of your