Motor Fleet Insurance

We provide Motor Fleet Insurance for small and large companies across many sectors including construction, manufacturing, recycling, engineering, retail, distribution and technology.

Our current clients include sole traders and large firms with hundreds of employees.

We get the best quotes because we work with more than 40 specialist insurers across Ireland, UK & Europe. We also have a team of qualified and experienced professionals as well as dedicated claims handlers.

What is Motor Fleet Insurance?

Most businesses start out with one vehicle and grow from there. Sole traders and small companies with 2-3 vehicles can remain on individual policies but generally as a business grows it eventually makes more sense to move to a motor fleet policy.

The benefits of a motor fleet policy can include

  • Open Driving
  • No requirement for bonuses on new vehicles
  • Annual declaration of vehicles cover which can include automatic cover for new vehicles or temporary additions during the year without the need to inform the insurer every time.
  • Blanket certificates
  • Wider cover
  • Flexibility.

As always, subject to policy terms and conditions.

Can mobile plant & machinery be covered under Motor Fleet Insurance?

Every mechanically propelled vehicle (including plant and forklifts) is required by law to have motor insurance whether it operates on public or private property. Motor Insurance for plant & machinery can be covered under a motor fleet insurance policy or on a separate plant & machinery motor policy. It is also important to arrange engineering insurance to cover the risk of fire, theft or accidental damage to plant & machinery.

So there are three different insurance policies that need to be in place for plant and machinery:

  1. Motor Insurance to cover third party claims whilst it is moving from A to B
  2. Engineering Insurance to cover accidental damage, fire or theft
  3. Public Liability Insurance which will cover claims arising out of the use of the machinery as a tool of trade.

As always, all covers are subject to policy terms and conditions.

Examples of Motor Fleet Insurance Claims

  Company vehicle written off in a motor accident.

  Company vehicle stolen.

  Third Party claim arising out of a motor accident on an insured fleet vehicle.


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