Professional Indemnity Insurance

We provide Professional Indemnity Insurance for small and large companies across many sectors and professions.

Our current clients include individual sole traders as well as large firms with hundreds of employees, including: Design & Construct Contractors, Architects, Accountants, Engineers, Surveyors, Consultants, Trainers, Technology Companies, Marketing Companies, Financial Services Providers and Real Estate Agents, to name a few.

We get the best quotes because we work with more than 40 specialist insurers across Ireland, UK & Europe. We also have a team of qualified and experienced professionals as well as dedicated claims handlers.

What is Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Every professional person or firm has a duty of care to their clients to provide a professional service which is of a reasonable standard. But even in the best managed firms, errors or omissions can happen.

Professional negligence is a breach of the duty of care between professionals and their clients. When professional negligence occurs or is alleged to have occurred, a client can sue the professional person or firm for damages.

Professional indemnity insurance covers defence costs and claims settlements arising out of such allegations or legal actions. As well as covering the cost of the claim, professional indemnity insurance provides access to specialist lawyers. As always, the cover is subject to the policy terms and conditions.

Examples of Professional Indemnity Insurance Claims

An architect was employed to design and supervise the construction of a commercial building. Once construction was completed an issue with dampness in the property arose. The builder and the architect were joined in the action for damages by the property owner and the architect’s professional indemnity insurer defended the action. A successful defence was provided by a firm of specialist solicitors who were retained by the insurer. Legal defence costs were substantial and covered as part of the claim.

An accountant provided a range of services to him client including annual audit of business accounts and tax planning. His client later alleged that the accountant had provided negligent advice which had resulted in significant tax liabilities that could have otherwise been avoided. The accountants professional indemnity insurer provided specialist legal representation and funded a settlement payment to bring the matter to a conclusion.

A mechanical & electrical contractor provided design & construct services to an industrial manufacturing client including heat recovery systems. The systems ultimately failed to perform and an investigation identified that the system was poorly designed and inadequate for the size of building. A claim was brought against the contractor who was indemnified by their professional indemnity insurance policy.

Why purchase Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Most professional firms pride themselves on their expertise and the quality of their service but even in the best managed firms, errors or omissions do happen. Professional negligence allegations are often complex and can drag through the courts for years. The costs can be substantial and very often run well into hundreds of thousands.

Professional Indemnity Insurance provides protection for professional firms both in terms of immediate access to specialist professional negligence solicitors and barristers as well paying the ongoing legal costs and any settlement or court award. Always subject to the policy terms and conditions.


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