Employers Liability Insurance

We provide Employers liability insurance for small and large companies across many sectors including construction, manufacturing, engineering, retail, distribution, professional services, technology, recycling and motor trade.

Our current clients include individual sole traders and large firms with hundreds of employees.

We get the best quotes because we work with more than 40 specialist insurers across Ireland, UK & Europe. We also have a team of qualified and experienced professionals as well as dedicated claims handlers.

What is Employers Liability Insurance?

Every business has a legal obligation (duty of care) to ensure that employees do not sustain injury during the course of their employment. This includes a duty to provide a safe place of work, safe access to the work, safe system of work and safe working environment. But even in the best managed businesses, accidents happen.

If one of your employees sustains an injury arising out of their employment with your firm, Employers Liability policy will pay the compensation costs subject to the policy terms and conditions. In the event that you believe you have been wrongly accused, then Employers Liability insurance will pay the costs of a legal defence as well as any compensation which may be awarded against you in a court.

Always subject to the policy terms and conditions

Examples of Employers Liability Claims

  Employee alleged they have sustained a back injury whilst working for a firm.

  An employee in a hotel slipped on a wet floor and sustained injures.

  An employee in a factory caught their hand in a machine resulting in injuries.

  A labour only subcontractor working for a builder fell from scaffolding and sustained injuries.

  A student on work experience in an office fell down the stairs and sustained a broken arm.

Why purchase Employers Liability Insurance?

It is common for seemingly minor Employers Liability claims to run to hundreds of thousands of euros including legal costs. For example, an employee who alleges that they have sustained a back injury at work may claim that their ability to work for the rest of their life has been impacted. More serious injury claims often run into millions of euros and the cases can take years to settle.

In the absence of an Employers Liability insurance policy, you or your business would be required to fund all of the legal and compensation costs yourself as well as sourcing the specialist legal advisers required to defend such actions.

Does Public Liability Insurance cover claims from unpaid helpers in the business?

No. Anyone helping you in the business whether paid or unpaid is deemed to be an employee and you should have Employers Liability Insurance to cover such claims.


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