Winter Risk Management: Impact on Buildings

Posted by James Martin on January 20, 2020

Category: 2020
In its recently published Winter Risk Management Bulletin, Aviva deal, among other things, with the potential impact of heavy snowfall, freezing temperatures and strong wind chills on the business premises. In Ireland, extreme conditions of prolonged winter snow combined with sub-zero temperatures are fortunately quite rare. However, the potential to experience such conditions still exists and it is, therefore, important that property owners and occupiers are prepared for such eventuality that may result in significant

Water Damage: Solutions for Commercial Clients

Posted by Daria Sadkina on December 6, 2019

Category: 2019
Coming into the winter season, Aviva have published a risk management solutions guide for its commercial clients that describes the necessary steps to prevent and minimise the impact of water damage incidents. After all, reducing the risk of damage to your property will avoid both insured and uninsured losses, interruption to your business, supply chain and profitability, and increased insurance costs in the future. At Aviva, water leaks are the highest frequency property claim, accounting
Brokers Ireland, the premier representative body for brokers in Ireland, has produced this consumer guide outlining the main benefits of using an insurance broker, as opposed to going directly to an insurer. In our earlier post  in August, we explained the benefits of going to an insurance broker instead of a direct insurer, such as impartiality, personal relationship, claims service & best price. Today, we’ll discuss further ones below: Choice: an insurance broker has full
Below is an important message for our motor insurance customers from the Road Safety Authority in relation to Brexit and UK driving licences. Are you the holder of a UK/NI driving licence? The Road Safety Authority wishes to advise policyholders, resident in Ireland, with a UK/NI driving licence of the importance of exchanging the UK/NI licence for an Irish one. Anyone resident in Ireland who holds a UK/NI driving licence must exchange it for an