Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

We provide Directors & Officers (D&O) Liability insurance for small and large companies across many sectors including construction, manufacturing, engineering, retail, distribution, professional services, technology, recycling and motor trade.

Our current clients include small companies as well large firms with hundreds of employees.

We get the best quotes because we work with more than 40 specialist insurers across Ireland, UK & Europe. We also have a team of qualified and experienced professionals as well as dedicated claims handlers.

What is Directors & Officers (D&O) Liability Insurance?

Company directors & officers can incur personal liability arising from actions and decisions carried out in the performance of their role with a company. D&O insurance provides protection for company directors & officers should they be subject to such legal action.

D&O insurance covers the cost of settlements and legal defence costs. The policy can also reimburse the company where it has funded defence or settlement costs. Always subject to the policy terms and conditions.

Examples of Directors & Officers Liability Insurance Claims

  A manslaughter case was taken against directors of a company following a workplace fatality. The directors & officers policy responded and funded defence costs and specialist legal advice.

  After a family business passed from the founders (2 brothers) to their children, a dispute arose regarding the performance of the directors and whether they were running the business for the benefit of the shareholders or themselves. A number of the shareholders commenced litigation against the directors (their cousins).

  A senior employee of a business made a defamatory statement about a competitor during a radio interview. A defamation action was taken and the defence costs were covered by the policy.

Why purchase Directors & Officers Liability Insurance?

In an increasingly litigious environment, company directors and officers face full personal liability for alleged negligent actions carried out during the performance of their duties.

Even where a director has done nothing wrong, the cost of defending such actions can be significant. D&O Insurance provides essential protection for directors and officers.


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