Cyber Fraud & Cyber Insurance

Posted by James Martin on February 1, 2019

Category: 2019
In today’s world, technology is vital in order to conduct business. However, this very same technology can also leave your business vulnerable to very costly security threats. Cybercriminals have become very sophisticated and the frequency of cyber crime is on the rise, as well as the financial consequences. It used to be easy to spot a fraudulent email: a massive windfall from a lottery you’ve never heard of, an inheritance from a long lost relative.
The Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) provides information on industrial relations, rights and obligations under Irish employment and equality legislation. Its masthead clearly explains the purpose of the the State’s Industrial Relations agency and how it views employment – it’s all about managing relationships. If you’re an employer – particularly an Irish entrepreneur – you didn’t start your business to add another complex relationship to your life with every person you took on: your goal was
According to recent research from Allianz, the number of plant theft claims in the UK has increased steadily over the past five years. This caused the construction industry in the UK to lose £800 million in 2017, through the theft and vandalism of plant and machinery. In Ireland, it is estimated that approximately €7.8 million worth of items were stolen from construction sites in 2017. In that same year there were 4,562 incidents of construction
Personal Injuries Commission confirms Irish soft tissue awards are now 4.4 times that of the UK. The second and final report recently issued by the Personal Injuries Commission confirmed that the level of general damages for soft tissue injuries in Ireland is now 4.4 times the level awarded in the UK. The Commission’s findings only relate to general damages and do not include the cost of legal fees. For Irish construction firms, it is more