April 27, 2016

Car Insurance – Open Drive…… What is it? Do you have it? Do you think you have it when in fact you do not?

Recently, I noticed a friend (who shall remain anonymous) driving her boyfriend’s car. So, I asked if it had cost much to add her on to […]
March 17, 2016

Retail shop insurance – now available from as little as €450.00

The recent arrival of some new retail shop insurers to the Irish insurance market has driven down prices and helped to increase the standard of shop […]
March 6, 2016

Unoccupied House Insurance – What are the options?

Option 1: Contact Martin Insurance on 049-4332944, info@martininsurance.ie or online enquiry form and we will talk through your specific requirements. We deal with a panel of […]
February 23, 2016

You have car and home insurance. But are you insured?

It seems that a many consumers will sign anything that is put in front of them. Now you can get away with this to a point, but what […]