Review – Safety Health & Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007 The 2007 Act requires a competent person to carry out examination and inspection of hazardous equipment. The regulations give an overview of categories of plant and equipment which require engineering inspection. What is required? A thorough examination is a systematic and detailed visual scrutiny of all critical load bearing parts and the functional testing of all safety critical devices. Where critical components and
Martin Insurance provide tailored cover for unoccupied properties through a panel of specialist insurers: Buildings, Contents & Public Liability cover is available. The cover can include: – fire – smoke – lightning – explosion – storm – flood – escape of water – escape of oil – collision by vehicle – falling trees – architects fees and debris removal Exclusions which may apply include: – theft – gradual ingress of water from shower units or baths.

What is a voluntary excess on car insurance?

Posted by James Martin on June 6, 2015

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Irish car insurance – The voluntary excess option. Many car insurance companies in Ireland offer a voluntary excess option on their policies. What is it? A policy excess is the first part of any claim that you pay. The standard excess on car insurance in Ireland can vary from around €125 to about €400. In general, a standard excess will be around €300. This means that if your claim is agreed at €4000, you will
Every car insurance policy will be subject to short term rates in the first year of insurance. This is a penalty imposed by the insurer if you cancel before the 12 months of cover are up. A typical example would be as follows: Period of cover – % of premium that will be refunded Up to 7 days –         85% Up to 14 days –       80% Up to 1 month –      75% Up to 2 months