Insurance rates have fallen considerably since the mid 2000s. There is always the possibility that rates may rise again so what precautions can a small business take to help keep insurance costs as low as possible? During a ‘hard market’ (a market where insurance rates are rising), insurance companies become very selective as to the risks which they are willing to insure. When rates start to rise, insurers do not need as customers, because the increase in premium levels will
With so many properties unoccupied, it is important that property owners ensure that they have adequate insurance cover in place. Martin Insurance access a specialist panel of Irish & EU insurers who specialise in unoccupied house insurance & unoccupied commercial property insurance. We have outlined some important information which should be considered when arranging insurance cover for an unoccupied property. How much should I insure my unoccupied property for? Read the following article for more
A common mistake when insuring your home, is to insure for the market value. The correct sum insured is of course, the rebuild value. Example: You purchase a site for €150,000. You then build a house for €200,000. The market value of this property is in excess of €350,000 but the value for insurance purposes is €200,000. You should also allow an additional amount for removal of debris. My house will never be totally destroyed,
Review – Safety Health & Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007 The 2007 Act requires a competent person to carry out examination and inspection of hazardous equipment. The regulations give an overview of categories of plant and equipment which require engineering inspection. What is required? A thorough examination is a systematic and detailed visual scrutiny of all critical load bearing parts and the functional testing of all safety critical devices. Where critical components and