Recently, I noticed a friend (who shall remain anonymous) driving her boyfriend’s car. So, I asked if it had cost much to add her on to his car insurance. Her reply was something like: ‘I have open drive, I think – I’m over 25’. So a little more digging and we eventually find out that because she had ‘driving other cars extension’ on her policy, she thought she could drive any car and that comprehensive
The recent arrival of some new retail shop insurers to the Irish insurance market has driven down prices and helped to increase the standard of shop insurance cover. Premiums are now going as low as €450. The standard cover often includes: – Full All Risks cover on property (contents/stock etc). – Business Interruption (often with limits of up to €750,000 as standard) – Seasonal Increase in stock – Subsidence – Fire brigade charges – Employers
Option 1: Contact Martin Insurance on 049-4332944, or online enquiry form and we will talk through your specific requirements. We deal with a panel of 30+ insurers. Other Options: Holiday Home Is the house a former family home which has become unoccupied due to the death of a parent? In many cases these houses are used by family members at different times during the year when they come home on holidays etc. In such

You have car and home insurance. But are you insured?

Posted by James Martin on February 23, 2016

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It seems that a many consumers will sign anything that is put in front of them. Now you can get away with this to a point, but what are the consequences when it comes to insurance? Over the past number of years, insurance proposal forms have transformed into pre-printed documents based on the details which were given over the phone or via the internet. In some cases the consumer is asked to sign this document but in