Does a General Building Contractor’s liability insurance policy cover roofing?

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March 22, 2018
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May 9, 2018

It is obviously important to point out that every liability insurance policy is slightly different and there may be exclusions or restrictions on your liability insurance policy which restrict cover. Please contact your broker or insurer to discuss your specific requirements and cover.

Most General Builder liability insurance policies provide cover for roofing works which form part of an overall contract for a new build or renovation. So if you are building a new house or an extension, the roofing work associated with that contract should normally be covered.

The problem arises where builders decide to carry out Stand-Alone-Roofing contracts. For example, one of your clients asks you to remove and replace the roof on their garage.

If you are carrying out Stand-Alone-Roofing contracts, then you need to extend your liability insurance policy accordingly. Normally insurers will charge an extra premium and extend the business description to include the business of Roofing Contractor.

What if I use a roofing subcontractor?

Even if you employ a roofing subcontractor to carry out the works, it is still important that your liability policy be extended to provide cover for Stand-Alone-Roofing as you will still be considered to have a liability exposure for any accidents that occur on the site where you are main contractor.

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James Martin
James Martin
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